Control Panel and Cabinet Assembly

Depositphotos_204798228_xl-2015-scaled-e1581208955137 Control Panel and Cabinet Assembly

Control Panel Assembly in Industry

Heltronics serves as a contract manufacturer of electromechanical subassemblies and box build assemblies for OEM and EMS companies.

We specialize in complete control cabinet assembly solutions—from large-scale control cabinets to small motor-control cabinets—offering protection from exposure to hazardous industrial environments, Heltronics delivers the highest quality assemblies manufactured with quality workmanship. Custom control panels manufactured by Heltronics can include—but are not limited to—the following items.

  • Panel Manufacturing
  • Explosion Proof Panels (Ex)
  • Control Cabinet Assembly
  • Motor and Pump Controls
  • Disconnect Panels
  • PLC Systems
Depositphotos_176999214_xl-2015-scaled Control Panel and Cabinet Assembly
Depositphotos_155048200_xl-2015-scaled Control Panel and Cabinet Assembly

Our manufacturing process includes a 100+ point inspection to verify the assembly meets our quality control standards. 

Our engineering staff will work with you and recommend modifications based on our extensive industry experience.

How I can contact you?

In order for us to give you an exact quote, please use our contact form. There you can submit drawings, pictures and Bill of Materials  (BOM).

How I can get the list of your products?

Send us any drawing, pictures and files for us to define the right product for your requirements.

Who are your industrial partners?

We use a variety of vendors, all reviewed and used for many years. All having a long term relationship with Heltronics Inc. and a proven track record with delivery and quality.