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We have over a decade of manufacturing and innovation in the wire harnessing industry. Major OEMs in automobile, mining, agricultural, industrial and medical industries trust us with wiring harnesses—both big and small—in high and low volume.

We proudly serve as a UL-certified manufacturing facility and a member of the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association (WHMA), following IPC A-620 criteria to meet your needs.

Harness-1 Cable and Wire Harness

Quick Turn Around Manufacturing Process

We use universal wire harness laying boards. This reduces manufacturing time significantly, especially when changes become necessary. 

We can manufacture large harnesses in multiple stages using different layouts as requested.

When working with electrical components, one must consider the safety and overall delicate nature of the job. This is why tasks like cable and wire harness manufacturing require such a high level of expertise to be done properly. Many things make this a challenging task and here at HELTRONICS, there is nothing more interesting than a good challenge. This company thrives on creating complex cable and wire harness designs for tight, automotive spaces and installing them. With years of experience since opening in 2008 and a stellar, unbeatable team, HELTRONICS is ready to take on anything a client’s cable and wire harness needs may entail. Let’s take a closer look at the cable and wire harness manufacturing process and get a better understanding of why the HELTRONICS team is the best option out there for getting the job done right, fast.

Obsolescence Management Service

One often-overlooked facet of cable and wire harness manufacturing that is occasionally overlooked is obsolescence management. Referring to the practice of studying and understanding the current market’s technological state and being able to predict and accommodate for where it is going in the coming years, obsolescence management is vital to producing high quality, long-lasting cable and wire harnesses. Understanding this is a way to factor in the diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS) and plan for coming industry events that will require changes to the wiring harness or cable assembly to keep everything at a level of viable usage.

HELTRONICS assists in this process, making it much simpler. The professional HELTRONICS team will work to design, integrate, and carry out cable and wire harness planning from the first concept stages to installation while factoring in space for future work and advancement. Through fine-tuning the design process and efficiently utilizing the limited spatial capacity of the automobile, HELTRONICS can find a balanced installation that leaves room for enhancement down the road and future repairs without sacrificing any of the content that is needed right now.

Client Involved Designs

While a client may not take part in the hands-on installation process or manufacturing timeline, they do still get to play a vital role in the foundation of their cable and wire harnesses. This is because they get to select many different aspects of the final design, allowing them to control how the finished product will look and how it will be organized, which enhances their understanding of the finished product and helps them more easily identify future issues or necessary repairs due to the familiarity with the end product’s design.

Just a few of the facets of design that a client can have a role in selecting include the wire ties, lacing styles, coloration preferences, circuit IDs, ink labeling styles and colorations, wire, and cable sheath material choices, custom label, and barcode design, among other things. This gives a more personalized and individualized experience and helps further the client’s understanding of the harness manufacturing process and what exactly goes into their given project.

An Involved Industry Player

Supporting tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, HELTRONICS works to make sure all clients can access the tools and repairs they need exactly when they need it. Since 2008, HELTRONICS has worked as an industry-leading company in Eastern Pennsylvania and has gained a lot of localized industrial trust through other companies. The resulting partnerships have created an almost perfectly streamlined system that allows HELTRONICS to access tools, expertise, and parts much faster than other traditional cable and wire harness manufacturers. This, in turn, results in clients getting quality products much faster without losing any of the fine details of the finished product!

Safety as a Priority

As an accredited and high-trained collective staff, HELTRONICS assures its clients that all members of the team are trained to work in compliance with ASTM and UL standards. The company also makes an effort continuously to follow and fully comply with all recommended guidelines concerning smoke, toxicity, and flammability to produce the safest automobile wiring possible in the safest conditions for the team. With the ultimate goal of serving its clients, HELTRONICS also takes the safety of both the staff team and customers very seriously and works to always improve on the overall safety measures taken by its staff.

Top Quality Harnesses

As a company that prides itself on the quality and diversity of its products, HELTRONICS always works to ensuring every piece it completes is of the highest caliber of work. This attention to detail extends into other aspects of the business, as well, including, of course, the knowledgeable and friendly customer service team. HELTRONICS believes that the entire harness manufacturing experience should be consistently comfortable and easy to understand for the clients. They also strive to provide professionalism and guidance in all aspects of their care and customer contact. This alone improves the quality dramatically since they are open to educating and expanding the information given to clients to help them make informed decisions. This open communication also works to help the HELTRONICS team expedite the turnaround time and get the product all fixed up and back to its owner much faster, as well.

Finding a perfect balance, HELTRONICS pulls off this fast turnaround without sacrificing any of the quality of the product, customer service, and general experience. The partnerships found through years of experience and contact with industry-leading brands expedite the process, allowing HELTRONICS to focus on handling each job individually and curating the experience to ensure a perfect final fit for every single job without any unnecessary delays or wait times for outsourcing parts or assistance.

This uncompromising drive to create only the highest quality products possible has resulted in HELTRONICS being one of the strongest names in the Eastern Pennsylvania cable and wire harness manufacturing market, thriving through many different economic climates due to the repeated trust placed in them through their amazing customer base. As a company that stands on morals and doing things right, HELTRONICS goes against the grain and above and beyond to create a perfected customer experience. At HELTRONICS, you can trust that you will be taken care of.

The Experience Advantage

Serving the Eastern Pennsylvania area since 2008, HELTRONICS has serviced a wide range of individual and large company clients and has the experience and know-how to get almost any job done. As one of the top cable and wire harness manufacturing firms in the area, HELTRONICS has an ongoing relationship with many companies, curating strong bonds across industry lines and fostering a sense of trust within the community.

From the trained customer service agents to the professional technicians, the entire team is ready to provide a curated and carefully crafted experience to assist clients in getting exactly what they need to be done, exactly when they need it. With the know-how and skill to get the job done, HELTRONICS is ready to take on whatever jobs a company may throw at them. When you are working with the HELTRONICS team, you are working with experience, expertise, and client-driven effort. Needless to say, you are in good hands!


Who are your industrial partners?

We use a variety of vendors, all reviewed and used for many years. All having a long term relationship with Heltronics Inc. and a proven track record with delivery and quality.

What are Cable and Wire Harnesses?

When attempting to understand exactly what cable and wire harnesses are, it is important to comprehend that they are two distinctly different things that are often confused for one another or used interchangeably. While very similar, there are a few differences that set them apart due to them having slightly different base definitions.

For starters, a cable assembly is the correct term to use when dealing with cables. Cable assemblies are groups of cables or wires wrapped in an outer layer of protective insulator sheathing. This keeps the wires and cables of an automotive component organized, making it easier to make repairs or change out parts as needed, which is a significant asset when performing routine maintenance.

Cable assemblies are generally a bit more robust than wire harnesses, which is the defining difference between the two. Cable assemblies usually experience a lot more wear and tear so the materials used to create them and the general attachment and maintenance of the pieces are a bit more intensive, creating a stronger bond and protective layer to better hold up against the higher levels of abrasive contact that the assembly may receive overtime.

Wire harnesses are incredibly similar to cable assemblies, so similar that the term is frequently swapped for cable assembly or simply dropped altogether due to the two being combined into a “cable and wire harness”. Any of these terms will convey the same message and can be used unless one just prefers the proper term. Most technicians will understand what the client means and help the client make appropriate decisions regarding the care and design of their assembly or harness.

In general, wire harnesses are just a protective coating to go over smaller wires and cables that need to be organized and protected for easier maintenance. The wire harness bundles up a group of wires and cables already protected by a secondary coating to simply keep them orderly and offer even more protection against abrasive damage, physical contact, moisture damage, and other potentially harmful facets of common use. As a more affordable option, many people who do not outright need the cable assembly will opt to use this method to keep everything safe and neat.

Aside from these functions, wire harnesses and cable assemblies both help to prevent shorts and other electrical damage that can cause the wires to be unable to function. Many are also flame-retardant, meaning the chances of a fire starting are lowered dramatically in the event of any issues arising. Similarly, they protect against common harmful chemicals that can be found in some cable and wire formations, keeping the user safe while they are completing tasks.

What Materials are Used in Creating a Cable and Wire Harness?

For starters, the wire or cable itself will likely be made out of copper. Copper is rust-resistant and works well with a host of different insulators, making for a versatile material component. If going with copper, it is important to opt for the slightly more expensive pure copper instead of a copper-coated product, as those typically are of lesser quality. If the decision to use copper coated products is chosen, it should be one of high copper content and general good materialistic formation to ensure proper conductivity.

Other less common options include platinum, silver, aluminum, iron, and gold, but these have fallen out of popularity due to the overarching success of copper within the industry.

Insulator options are much more varied. Generally, a reputable company like HELTRONICS will opt to use something durable, high-quality, and affordable to ensure their clients are receiving the best care at the best possible price. This includes things like PVC and SR-PVC, along with several different forms of propylene and co-polymers with a low smoke point. Other materials are commonly used but, for the most part, these are the most common and most widely offered by most major companies.

HELTRONICS source their materials from industry-leading brands. These products have been time-tested and are entirely safe and consistently high-quality. All of these materials are from reputable sources that are trusted by the HELTRONICS team due to their ability to produce repeated orders of incredibly raw and manufactured materials for further use. Each item is structurally sound and safe, allowing for easy use and giving both the installation team and the client peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they need from the given products.

All products used by HELTRONICS are UL-Certified. This means that the cables, wires, and other related components of a given harness have been independently tested to ensure safety, quality, and functionality consistently. These high-quality resources allow HELTRONICS, as a high standing wire harness manufacturers association, to produce their products much faster since there is a level of trust in the functional and quality craftsmanship of the resources. Due to the uniform quality and consistency, HELTRONICS can work more quickly, saving clients time and money without sacrificing any quality or cutting any corners.

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