Overmolded Cables

Overmolding connectors offer significant opportunities for product improvements with improved strain and flex relief. Manufactured properly, these can improve performance and reduce total cost. Overmolding benefits provide the user with interesting opportunities for strain relief and improved pull strength not available with conventional designs.


Overmolding parts of the cable can be also used to insert other components–such as sensors, electronics components (i.e. filter circuits, etc.), and mechanical features that fulfill all design requirements. 

How I can contact you?

In order for us to give you an exact quote, please use our contact form. There you can submit drawings, pictures and Bill of Materials  (BOM).

How I can get the list of your products?

Send us any drawing, pictures and files for us to define the right product for your requirements.

Who are your industrial partners?

We use a variety of vendors, all reviewed and used for many years. All having a long term relationship with Heltronics Inc. and a proven track record with delivery and quality.